Obama In The News For Lapel Pins Again – This Time Using Them For His Advantage

It is funny how things come full circle.  President Obama, once criticized for not wearing a lapel pin of the American Flag has now come full circle and he (or at least his campaign) is using lapel pins to capitalize on a marketing plan to push the Obama campaign further.  Let’s face it, it is always fun to listen to what is going to come out of Vice-President Biden’s mouth next, and I guess the campaign feels the same way!  This article discusses how the campaign is creating Tee Shirts, Lapel Pins, Tie Tacks and other promotional items to capitalize on Biden’s bumbles.

You can read the story here, and please leave your thoughts!

Obama campaign capitalizes on foul-mouthed Biden with profane t-shirts – Hot Air news.google.com Obama campaign capitalizes on foul-mouthed Biden with profane t-shirtsHot AirThe image quickly became an icon that appeared on t-shirts, lapel pins, and tie tacks. Meant to symbolize the candidate’s everyman quality, the hole-in-the-shoe was a scam, …

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