Lapel Pins Made The List Of Looking Good For The Prom

Hey listen, as a long lover of lapel pins, I was stoked to hear that lapel pins made the list of the one of the things that could make you look better for prom.  I just was not sure that 17 and 18 year olds would know what a lapel pin was, or where to find one!

Here this is the original article:

10 tips for a polished prom look

1Make it your own. Use your tuxedo rental as a base and build from there, adding your own shoes and accessories.

2Add special touches. Lapel pins, pocket squares and watches elevate a dressed-down look and perfect a formal look.

Ok, and it made the list at #2! How awesome!  So the real question is that the lapel pin is suppose to make the young chap look more polished!  Well, I guess that all depends on the pin that he chooses 🙂

Well enough news for now, we will see each other tomorrow.

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