Ex-ABC News Head and official NUT – Westin Defends Ban on American Flag Pins Even in 9/11 Aftermath

Ok go ahead and read this article.  I know that it got me raving mad!  This guy is was the former ABC News President, and he believes that by a journalist wearing a flag pin or lapel pin of any kind, means that they have taken a “position”.


Ex-ABC News Head Westin Defends Ban on American Flag Pins Even in 9/11 Aftermath

“Westin: (Video at bottom) And we’d long had a policy at ABC News that we wouldn’t let people wear any lapel pins of any sort, the theory being that when you’re reporting the news, you should be reporting the news, not taking a position.”


And what ‘position’ is wearing a flag lapel pin taking? That you’re an American or that you love and appreciate the freedom and liberty that America was founded on? Can’t have that, can we? Let’s get rid of last names too, they certainly reveal a ‘position’ and we don’t want that getting in the way of the media’s well-known ‘blank-slate’ objectivism.  I guess we have to be fair to the terrorists watching the news from their cave.  I mean we would not want to give them the wrong idea that our journalists are not impartial towards them!

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