Mitt and Marco: Lapel Pins Hottest Selling Items

It seems as though the Mitt Lapel Pins were a hit!  According to the article the fastest selling items at the recent Florida Republican Party Meeting was a pair of lapel pins.  Obviously low priced, high perceived value and can be used over and over again to show their public support of a candidate.

Mitt Romney 2012 Lapel Pins

Mitt and Marco: Picturing the ticket

“By BILL COTTERELL | Florida Voices The fastest-selling trinkets at the recent Republican Party of Florida meeting in Tampa were a pair of lapel pins — $2 for the little one, $5 for the bigger — bearing the smiling faces of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.”


Years ago, campaign button were the hot item, however lapel pins are much classier and at almost the same cost, they are not as “in your face” and shows your support in a classy way.  Also campaign buttons would often tear up a shirt with two holes, rather than the single hole (or with the use of magnets) no hole at all!  Very interesting for the lapel pin community!

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