Arvind Sinha – Enters Guinness Book Of World Records For Lapel Pin Collection

Lapel pin collecting has been a huge past time for many.  Anyone who has ever been to Disney understands the pin collecting craze!  There are many other clubs and organziations that trade lapel pins as well.  Then there are some people that just want a pin for anything that they can!  Arvind Sinha joined the Lion’s Club, who has a strong lapel pin trading system.  Now with over 30,000 in Sinha’s collection, he has now entered the Guinness Book of World Records.


You can’t pin down this Guinness Book record holder

Meet Arvind Sinha, the Guinness World Record holder for collecting over 30000 lapel pins from across the world. The 57-year-old business consultant believes that lapel pins serve as important historical markers and has plans to open an online museum to


Lapel pins have been historical markers through different time periods, and Sinha is now planning to possibly open a lapel pin museum.  Pretty cool, right?

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