Lapel Pins Beg For Compassion for Animals


Two Lake Wylie residents hope neighbors will wear their hearts on their sleeves, or on any piece of clothing.

For 12 years, Carol Butler and Katherine Gillis have been rescuing cats and caring for feral felines. They’ve paid for spaying and neutering, and have kept the felines fed at about $60 per week.

“We, as individuals not an organization, have rescued and kept up to 60 animals,” Butler said. “We need help in our continuing efforts to feed, provide shelter and medical care for over 27 animals.

“It took a year to trap spay and neuter over 48 ferals, many of whom were sick and starving,” she said.”

Butler has considered starting nonprofit, but learned she’d have to be willing to take in new animals at her 1.4-acre home.

“I just wanted help taking care of 68 animals,” she said.

Now, Butler – a writer, artist and producer – has designed a lapel pin she’s calling a Compassion Pin.



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