My Flag Lapel Pin is Bigger Than Yours

I’m sure you’ve also noticed that American flag lapel pins on politicians are getting bigger. Is there a contest I’m unaware of? At New York City’s 9/11 commemoration, politicians dispensed with the pins altogether and stuck small American flags in the upper pockets of their coats. Despite the solemnity, it made me laugh at its one-up-man-ship, another form of a p—-ing contest.

I have never burned an American flag, nor been at a demonstration when one was burned. I have only seen it on TV, and it makes me cringe, because I was raised on the notion that one only burned the flag if it touched the ground, had been desecrated in some other way, or simply worn out.

These days I see many American flags that should be burned because they have been desecrated by being left out 24/7 in all kinds of weather and are ragged-looking and need to be replaced. This seems also disrespectful.



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