NY High School Senior Designs 9/11 Tribute Lapel Pin

Katherine Curran put her artistic abilities to use in a tribute to fallen heroes.

The Islip High School senior has designed a commemorative lapel pin as a tribute to the 343 New York City firefighters who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001. She made the pins at the request of Michael Fitall, a family friend and a lieutenant in FDNY Ladder Company 143.

Curran’s creation features three United States flags, the Twin Towers, and the number 343 — along with the fateful date and the slogan: “Never Forget.”

“I would like this tribute to reflect not only the memory of that day, but also the 343 flags that honor all of the firefighters at every St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Fitall said.

Curran designed the image in watercolors, school officials said, and received her own copy of the pin and a personal thank-you letter from FDNY Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano. Her father, Thomas, an FDNY lieutenant at the time, was not harmed in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Outside of school, Curran has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and volunteers doing seasonal craft projects with children at the South Shore Community Organization, an Islip youth agency that offers tutoring, community service and employment programs.

Source: http://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/way-to-go-katherine-curran-islip-1.4189893

Quebec Premier Criticized Over Tribute Lapel Pin

The complaints Veterans have been making about Premier Pauline Marois have had an effect; On Friday she announced she will remove a fleur-de-lis pin she had been using to keep her poppy in place.

The Quebec premier has been wearing the tribute to soldiers this week, keeping it attached to her lapel with a small white fleur-de-lis pin, an accessory she was photographed wearing in the week leading up to June 24, the Fete Nationale du Quebec.

However some veterans who have seen photos and video of Marois wearing the poppy and pin said it is offensive, telling CTV reporter Camille Ross they fought for Canada, not just for one province.

A spokesperson told the Canadian Press that Marois was not trying to offend anyone, and she will remove the fleur de lis.

The provincial president of the Royal Canadian Legion, Margot Arsenault, said nothing should be used to keep a poppy attached except the pin it comes with.

“The poppy is the Royal Canadian Legion symbol and nothing is to be worn inside like a pin — whether it’s the Canadian flag or anything. We’re not supposed to,” Arsenault said.

The poppies are notorious for falling out, and Canadians often resort to something else to keep them attached. It is not uncommon to see people resorting to Canada flag lapel pins.

Arsenault said she sent a letter to the premier after receiving 30 complaints in one day about the fleur de lis pin.

Read more: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/premier-marois-removes-fleur-de-lis-pin-after-poppy-complaints-1.1021839#ixzz2B5L7uvWi



Lapel Pin May Be Behind Disappearance of Kim Jong-un’s Wife

Kim Jong-un’s young wife, Ri Sol Ju, was only revealed to the world in July, and the 23-year-old former singer is believed to have married Kim in secret earlier this year. However, South Korean media is full of reports that Ri is missing — prompting much speculation about her fate.

Seoul Daily reports that Ri hasn’t been seen in public for a month and NK News says that their own media monitoring reveals she hasn’t made any public appearances for 40 days.

While the Daily NK, a newspaper run from the South that is hostile to the North Korean government, reports that rumors in the country suggest Ri may be pregnant, more nefarious suggestions are also doing the rounds. China.org.cn cites other reports that suggest Ri may have “received a ban from public appearances for her failure to wear badges of the country’s former leaders on previous public occasions”.

The latest twist in Kim’s love life comes just weeks after reports the North Korean elite was trying to erase his wife’s pop star past.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/kim-jong-uns-new-wife-is-missing-2012-10#ixzz2AL8oyCOs


Honor a Veteran & Get a Lapel Pin


The Louisiana Secretary of State, Tom Schedler,  is hosting a program in which voters sign up to vote in honor of a veteran of their choice.

Voters who complete the application get a certificate, bumper sticker and/or lapel pin. The Secretary of State is encouraging voters to wear their pin or sticker in appreciation of servicemen and women.

Voters can dedicate their vote to multiple veterans, but only one sticker or pin will be issued per voter.

The dedications and a short message are posted on the Honor Vets, Vote dedication page on the Secretary of State’s website.

Voters can dedicate their vote by calling the Secretary of State office at 225-342-4479 or online at www.sos.la.gov/honorvets.

Source: http://www.houmatoday.com/article/20121022/HURBLOG/121029918/1026/news01?Title=Vote-to-honor-a-veteran

My Flag Lapel Pin is Bigger Than Yours

I’m sure you’ve also noticed that American flag lapel pins on politicians are getting bigger. Is there a contest I’m unaware of? At New York City’s 9/11 commemoration, politicians dispensed with the pins altogether and stuck small American flags in the upper pockets of their coats. Despite the solemnity, it made me laugh at its one-up-man-ship, another form of a p—-ing contest.

I have never burned an American flag, nor been at a demonstration when one was burned. I have only seen it on TV, and it makes me cringe, because I was raised on the notion that one only burned the flag if it touched the ground, had been desecrated in some other way, or simply worn out.

These days I see many American flags that should be burned because they have been desecrated by being left out 24/7 in all kinds of weather and are ragged-looking and need to be replaced. This seems also disrespectful.


READ MORE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-chris-glaser/flag-pins-crosses_b_1929355.html

Summer Camp Gives Award Button For Eating Veggies

There is certainly a movement these days to promote healthy eating for kids and summer camps for children are right there with it. In recent years a salad bar has been as much a fixture in a summer camp dining hall as Melmac dinnerware. However, as a general rule, most children aren’t fond of veggies and making the healthy stuff available doesn’t necessary mean that campers will happily indulge. At Kettleby Valley, a summer camp for children in Ontario, they have found a simple yet effective way to motivate their campers to fill up on salad and vegetables.

Each week, the camp awards a ‘GRUB’ button to the cabin group who eats the most veggies and salad. “We’ve always offered healthy options for lunch,” says Peter Truman, the Director of the camp. “Once we started awarding the button, we saw a real difference in the quantity of veggies they’d eat.” In many cases, campers would come up for thirds and fourths of salad and vegetables.

In addition to filling up on healthy veggies, campers were also given points for reducing food waste. The waste was reduced from a full garbage can each meal to a small shopping bag. ‘Take what you wanted, but eat what you take’ was the rule. “Campers would even eat their crusts,” Peter adds with a laugh. “And we serve brown bread.”

If a summer camp can encourage children to eat healthier by simply awarding a button, perhaps the same strategy would work at home. Peter warns, however that there is a difference between rewards and awards. “Rewards are used to modify behaviour, like training a dog. Awards are things that children can strive for and earn.”


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Past & Present: Lapel Pins in Fashion

I decided to wear my navy blue suit to the State of the University speech last week and found my long-owned circle pin pinned to the left lapel of the jacket. I wondered: Who gave me the pin? When did I receive it? Are circle pins around (no pun intended) anymore? Do they have a history? What about other jewelry pieces in the velvet-lined music box? I have not seen circle pins, tie clasps, cuff links, or cameos for a while.

Today’s lapel pins tend to be much larger than the “circles” or the Celtic-knots of yore but they are interesting, too, and undoubtedly have tales to tell. I was fascinated with the beautiful pins that our first female United States Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, wore. She wrote a book, Read My Pins (2005?) that I hope to read sometime. Mrs. Albright said that in her collection of over 200 pins, many were not necessarily expensive. However, one special pin, presented to her by a gentleman whose wife had perished in the floods spawned by Katrina, moved her to tears. The man told Ms. Albright that he thought that his wife would have wanted her to have it.

READ MORE: http://www.themorningsun.com/article/20120917/OPINION03/120919687/louise-plachta-a-pin-pointed-fashion-statement

Olympic Pins Make Trip To Space

The STS-101 mission came a few months before the start of the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia. To pay tribute to the international nature of the Games, the shuttle’s crewmates carried a banner for the Olympics and a replica of the 2000 Sydney Torch.But the flag and flameless beacon weren’t the only items commemorating the Olympics that were on board Atlantis. Stowed inside a locker was a small package of souvenirs for the Summer Games set to take place 12 years into the future — though not in London.
Space shuttle Atlantis blasted off on May 19, 2000, on a 10-day mission to the International Space Station. Aboard the orbiter were supplies for the nascent complex, which at the time comprised just two of its eventual 12 modules.

Houston, (can) we have an Olympics?

Every NASA space shuttle mission carried a small pouch of souvenirs, called the Official Flight Kit, or OFK, packed with mementos to thank the NASA employees and outside organizations who helped make the mission possible.

The space agency would also sometimes use the OFK to fly items for outreach projects and for groups supporting the local communities around NASA centers, such as the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

As Atlantis orbited high above the Earth, Houston was in the running to be the U.S. Olympic Committee’s bid city to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, competing against New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.-Baltimore.

(Ultimately, the U.S. committee selected the Big Apple — Houston was eliminated in 2002 — but New York City lost out to London when the International Olympic Committee voted in 2005.)

NASA, in support of bringing the Olympics to Houston — home of Mission Control and the U.S. astronaut corps — launched aboard Atlantis 1,000 lapel pins for the Houston 2012 Foundation. The organization described its role as “to identify, package and communicate the reasons why Houston is the best place for the 2012 Olympic Games.”

The lapel pins were the shape of the space shuttle orbiter with the foundation’s stylized Texas flag torch logo at their center. Under the red, white and blue torch was inscribed, “Houston 2012.”

After Atlantis returned to Earth, the pins, which circled the planet 155 times and traveled 4.1 million miles (7.6 million kilometers), were returned to the Houston 2012 Foundation for distribution to its members and supporters.



Olympic Pin Collection Champion: Video


ABC News traveled to London to cover the 2012 Olympic games. They discovered, though, a sport within the sports: Olympic pin collecting. Tents erected especially for pin trading, these hubs gather pin collecting enthusiasts from around the world. Two former Olympic medal winners were pinned against each other to see who can trade and collect the best pins in the house.


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