Olympic Pins Make Trip To Space

The STS-101 mission came a few months before the start of the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia. To pay tribute to the international nature of the Games, the shuttle’s crewmates carried a banner for the Olympics and a replica of the 2000 Sydney Torch.But the flag and flameless beacon weren’t the only items commemorating the Olympics that were on board Atlantis. Stowed inside a locker was a small package of souvenirs for the Summer Games set to take place 12 years into the future — though not in London.
Space shuttle Atlantis blasted off on May 19, 2000, on a 10-day mission to the International Space Station. Aboard the orbiter were supplies for the nascent complex, which at the time comprised just two of its eventual 12 modules.

Houston, (can) we have an Olympics?

Every NASA space shuttle mission carried a small pouch of souvenirs, called the Official Flight Kit, or OFK, packed with mementos to thank the NASA employees and outside organizations who helped make the mission possible.

The space agency would also sometimes use the OFK to fly items for outreach projects and for groups supporting the local communities around NASA centers, such as the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

As Atlantis orbited high above the Earth, Houston was in the running to be the U.S. Olympic Committee’s bid city to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, competing against New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.-Baltimore.

(Ultimately, the U.S. committee selected the Big Apple — Houston was eliminated in 2002 — but New York City lost out to London when the International Olympic Committee voted in 2005.)

NASA, in support of bringing the Olympics to Houston — home of Mission Control and the U.S. astronaut corps — launched aboard Atlantis 1,000 lapel pins for the Houston 2012 Foundation. The organization described its role as “to identify, package and communicate the reasons why Houston is the best place for the 2012 Olympic Games.”

The lapel pins were the shape of the space shuttle orbiter with the foundation’s stylized Texas flag torch logo at their center. Under the red, white and blue torch was inscribed, “Houston 2012.”

After Atlantis returned to Earth, the pins, which circled the planet 155 times and traveled 4.1 million miles (7.6 million kilometers), were returned to the Houston 2012 Foundation for distribution to its members and supporters.



Olympic Pin Collection Champion: Video


ABC News traveled to London to cover the 2012 Olympic games. They discovered, though, a sport within the sports: Olympic pin collecting. Tents erected especially for pin trading, these hubs gather pin collecting enthusiasts from around the world. Two former Olympic medal winners were pinned against each other to see who can trade and collect the best pins in the house.


“The Hunger Games” Lapel Pins to Sell for $999

The world in general, and young people in particular went beserk when “The Hunger Games” was released in theaters. Now that the DVD is due to be released, retailers will sell a replica mockingjay lapel pin, like the one seen in the film, for $999. Made of 14k gold, this lapel pin is for the avid – and wealthy – fan only. Lapel pins are hot commodities everywhere, and the price of this pin shows that retailers think there’s a market for these pricey decorations.


Not exactly Target market! Discount retailer to sell $999 Mockingjay pins in …

“The lithographs, priced at $699, are signed by ten Hunger Games cast members, including Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson; while the $999 Mockingjay pins are made of 14-karat gold and are replicas of the film’s symbolic brooch.Daily Mail”


Pin Trading In London Going Strong

Some people are headed to the Olympic games in London to watch the sports – and some are there to trade pins. Hundreds of pin traders straddle the barricades in and around the Olympic village haggling over pin prices and trades.

Don’t ask for pins if you do not have any to trade

“LONDON — Bill Cash, of Canada, is here in London attending his 10th Olympic Games — but you won’t find his favorite sport on the official program. Cash is an Olympic pin trader, and for the last 24 years, he’s accumulated quite a few pins. “Ooh …”

Apple Unveils 2012 Olympic Lapel Pins

With the 2012 Olympic underway in London, many large companies are unveiling their commemorative lapel pins. Apple, possibly the richest corporation worldwide, revealed their 2012 Olympic Lapel Pins. With the popularity of lapel pins in gerneral, and the hot item Apple always is, these pins are sure to garner interest in the lapel pin community.


Apple Takes A Bite Out Of The Olympic Brand

“The company has produced a series of four lapel pins commemorating the London Olympics, displaying the Union Jack flag in place of the screen of both black and white iPhones and iPads. Apple did a similar promo during the Vancouver Games, distributing …Forbes”


Pin Collectors To Meet Monthly In Atlanta

Pin trading is not just for kids. Francis Carey started her lapel pin collection in 1996 and has gathered over 1,800 pins to date. Pin enthusiasts will meet every month in Atlanta, Georgia, to trade pins – and pins stories.


Olympic pins keep ’96 flame burning

“JOHNNY CRAWFORD / JCRAWFORD@AJC.COM July 19, 2012 – Conyers: Francis Carey sits on her sofa surrounded by some of her over 1800 Olympic pins on Thursday, July 19, 2012. Francis got the collecting bug during the 1996 Olympics and now has …”


The Art Of Lapel Pin Politics

Pins, pins, pins everywhere. Lapel Pins are at the forefront in political corridors across the globe. Pins to support cancer research, the Olympics, or a myriad of other causes, politicians are boasting a colorful array of lapel pins. In the US presidential election lapel pins are a major discussion point.


Pin doctors: The art of ‘lapel politics’

“The obligation to wear stars-and-stripes pins after 9/11 was such that Barack Obama was called out several years later, in 2007, when he ditched his on the presidential campaign trail. “My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing …”

US Olympic Team Uniforms & Lapel Pins Are Made In China

As more and more American companies are outsourcing theor production to China, it is disheartening to learn that the new olympic uniforms and lapel pins for are made in China. The following article claims that it is not as bad as it sounds. Even though the actual production is in China, the brains and engineering are in the USA. What’s more, the Russian Olympic team will wear Nike Shoes, located in Oregon, US.


Clothing issue misses point on US Olympic team

“Among my proudest keepsakes is an official Fort Worth Star-Telegram Olympic pin, commissioned specially for the 2004 Athens Games. Pins are the time-honored currency at an Olympics. A flashy pin — ours had five steers romping across the front in the …”


Ralph Lauren Debuts 2012 Team USA Uniforms With Lapel Pin

The USA Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms from Ralph Lauren are what you would expect them to be – classy, and make you want to break out in a Lee Greenwood song. They also feauture a beautifully crafted USA Olympic circles lapel pin. There’s only one way to show your patriotism – wear it over your heart – and Ralph Lauren has done that beautifully.

PHOTO: Ralph Lauren debuts 2012 Team USA opening ceremony uniforms

“And if you’ve wondered if you could plug select Olympic athletes into a Ralph Lauren fashion shoot and never notice the difference, the answer is clearly yes. (As an aside: between the unfortunate Clay’s appearances in multiple pre-Olympic promotional …CBSSports.com (blog)”


Pins Bring World Choir Participants Together

There are 360 choirs from over 60 nations attending the World Choir Games in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the things bringing them together are collectible pins. It’s a language that all participants can understand and identify with. 


Pin-trading popular with World Choir Games participants

“They’re pin traders — swapping pins they have from their homeland for one of the 100 or so designs approved for use during the games. There’s quite a variety, since there are 362 choirs in town from more than 60 nations. David Hyman is in charge of it …kypost.com”