Coca-Cola Unveils Olympic Pins

Coca-Cola is famous for the pins they release  at the Olympic Games. These pin are sure to be future collector’s items.


Coca-Cola Unveils Pin Badges to Commemorate the London 2012 Olimpic and …

“The 182 exclusive pins feature fun designs that celebrate typically British traits and traditions including Routemaster buses, butlers, bulldogs, and umbrellas. There are intricate pins that depict famous London landmarks, as well as iconic moments in …The FINANCIAL”


Pin of Pride launches in Jamaica today

This is an excellent idea from the Jamaican government. Create a limited amount of pins, making it a collectors item, and overcharge for it, filling the country’s coffers. Lapel Pins are an excellent choice due to their longevity and stylishness.


‘Pin of Pride’ to be Launched Today

“One million Jamaica 50 commemorative pins will go on sale starting Friday June 29th, when the Jamaica 50 Secretariat launches its One Million Pins (OMP) Initiative.Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Information Service”


Top 12 Olympic Pins of All Time

 Olympic pins are an integral part of past and present Olympic games. This list is a collection of the top 12 Olympic pins of all time.

(ATR) Olympics connoisseur Everen Brown will attend his 12th Games this summer in search of his next prized souvenir.

As Olympic organizing committees scrutinize potential licensees, someone has got to be asking these questions: Will anyone really buy this stuff? And what makes a great Olympic souvenir? Once you see my list below, you might think that “someone” forgot to answer these pressing questions.

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Honoring Veterans WIth Lapel Pins

We can think of no better way of honoring veterans of the US Armed Forces than presenting them with a lapel pin. They will wear it over their heart and be reminded every day that we appreciate their selfless contribution to preserve our freedom.

Delco Celebrates 'Honor a Veteran Day' Saturday

"LIMA–One hundred thirty veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam from Delaware County will be presented with honorary lapel pins, certificates and …"


New Hidden Mickey Pins to Be Released at Disney Parks

The Walt Disney Company has always offered collectible Disney pins in each of its Parks and Resorts around the world. With the start of the Millennium Celebration in October 1999, they introduced the tradition of Disney Pin Trading. Today, thousands of Guests trade pins with other Guests and Cast Members from around the world. Children the world over go crazy over these Walt Disney trading pins.

New Hidden Mickey Pins to Be Released at Disney Parks This …

“A slew of new Hidden Mickey pins will be released at Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney World Resort in the next few weeks, which is big news for pin.DisZine”

Former Olympians head to London with Lapel Pins from previous Olympics

There are many people in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand who have one thing in common: they are all past Olympics participants. Some are Olympians from as far back as Melbourne, 1956, and Rome, 1960. As they attend the upcoming London Olympics, these Olympians display their past heroics by wearing the lapel pins handed out at those events. Pins from past Olympics adorn their lapels as they head to the Olympics with the past on their heart and their eyes on the future.


Hawke’s Bay Olympians dust off pins

“PINNED: New Zealand Olympic Committee secretary-general Kereyn Smith presents a pin to former Olympic javelin thrower Mike O’Rourke at an event for the …”


Homophobia is not why shops aren’t selling Gay pins, retailers claim

Gay Olympic pins were released two years ago in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. They were applauded as they were released, called a “breakthrough”, yet are not selling at all. The pins feature the Official Olympics symbol combined with a rainbow heart. Critics claim that retail stores are not displaying the items due to homophobia, while retailers claim they’re not displayed to to low demand.


Homophobia is not why shops aren’t selling Gay pins, says Honav …

“Recent allegations that retailers are refusing to sell LOCOG’s (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) Olympic Gay pin have …”


Basically, the argument is who has the homophobia. Either the retailers, so they’re not selling them, or the consumers, and they’re not buying them. One would think that in 2012 this argument would be moot.

Pins serve as universal language

Lapel Pins are an attractive way to display the name of the country you represent. In a sea of languages at the olympics, lapel pins are a gateway to communication.


Pins serve as universal language

“Editor’s note: This weekly column looks at the global phenomenon of multi-country, multi-sport events, or Games, and their wide-ranging effect on the world of …”


Borough Honors Police for Saving Lives

There is no better way to display accolades of courage than pinning it over your heart. Heroes deserve to be recognized so others can learn from them and salute them for their bravery.


Borough Honors Police for Saving Lives

“Glen Rock Ambulance Corps. issued pins to seven police officers for utilizing their training to saves lives in 2011.”


We wish these public servants all the best.

Honoring the civilians of the US armed forces

Lapel pins are an optimal way of showcasing the contribution of civilans of the US armed forces. These honorees will proudly display their courage over their hearts as a reminder to them – and to others – that we can all make a difference.


Command-wide family honors Army’s 237th birthday

“To make the day even more special, members of the civilian work force command-wide were presented with the new SMDC civilian lapel pins. The new civilian …Theredstonerocket”


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