47 Bag Good Neigbor Award

Forty-seven awardees take home the Good Neighbor Award from the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben from Nebraska and western Iowa during 68th annual celebration.

The 47 receipients deserve to be called ‘good neighbor’ for their outstanding neighborly gestures and unselfish deeds. They did not expect anything in return as they do the acts of goodwill.

They will receive certificates of recognition and Good Neighbor lapel pins.

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Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben announce Good Neighbor Award winners

“Later this year, award winners will be recognized at their local county fairs with certificates and Good Neighbor lapel pins. The 2012 Ak-Sar-Ben Good Neighbor …”


Ak-Sar-Ben Good Neighbor Award recipients were Peg Dethlefs, Ravenna (Buffalo County), Norman and Wanda Johnson, Callaway (Custer County), Bob and Doris Kelly, Albion (Boone County), Martha Salmon, Aurora (Hamilton County) and Rick Vlach, Scotia (Greeley County) among the 47 awardees.

Venice Neighborhood Council Electorates Gear Up for Election Day

Political candidates who are vying to win a seat to the Venice Neighborhood Council are busy preparing for the big day. Lapel pins, pencils, yard signs and bumper stickers are selling like hot cakes as candidates give them away to their constituents.

Neighborhood Council candidates are really serious about what they are doing. They work hard to earn votes on election day, even if it means picking people up with a van to take them to their precints!

Find out more about their electioneering tactics in this original article below.

Venice Neighborhood Council Election: October 28th

“If you are interested in running for a position on the Venice Neighborhood Council, it is time to start printing those pencils, lapel pins, yard signs and bumper …”


This again highlights the importance of attracting attention by people merely seeing your name. Lapel  pins join yard signs and car decals as ways of having voters see your name and hopefully having it stuck in their brain on election day. Lapel pins have the added attraction of  complimenting your style while advertising the name of the candidates.


Souvenir items sold during Torch Run


Lapel pins, T-shirts and hats were sold to raise money during the Torch Run for the Illinois Special Olympics. These items were sold by law enforcement members as part of the city tradition. Aside from selling souvenir items, a variety of fun activities are also conducted the whole year round for fund raising. 

Torch Run continues tradition of support for Special Olympics

"“Members of the law enforcement community are out there raising money for Special Olympics by selling T-shirts, hats and lapel pins. They do a variety of events …"

The annual Torch Run started way back 1986 and gathered about $25 million. Last year, the Illinois Law Enforcement Torch Run raised more than $2.9 million. 

Commemorative Lapel Pins Given to Veterans on Memorial Day

Memorial Day was a special day for 300 veterans in San Diego, California as they were honored in a special pinning ceremony conducted by the San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine. The veterans received commemorative lapel pins to signify their courageous act. 

In Honor of Memorial Day, San Diego Hospice Recognizes Veterans with Pinning …

"Over 500 guests attended the festivities, with 300 veterans on San Diego Hospice care receiving commemorative lapel pins. “It was our honor to spend time with our beloved veterans, and families, and thank them for their service to our country,” said …"

The special pinning ceremony was attended by 500 guests that composed of San Diego Hospice staff and volunteers, members of the Veterans Outreach Committee and Vet-to-Vet Volunteers.


Lapel Pin Collector Named

 Lapel pins make a great collection. Just like how Arvind Sinha, 57, collected about 30,000 pins. Sinha collected these pins come from 80 countries. This businessman and Lion’s Club member suddenly claimed fame as he set a world record for having the largest collection of lapel pins. 

 Sinha explains that “Lapel pins are a symbol of the times and you can learn a lot through them. They are markers of world history events such as the American Civil War, the history of guns and American Presidents.”

Largest collection of label pins: Arvind Sinha sets world record (PICS)

“”Lapel pins are a symbol of the times and you can learn a lot through them. They are markers of world history events such as the American Civil War, the history of guns and American Presidents,” elaborates Sinha. As a business consultant, …World Records Academy”


Sinha is looking into opening an online museum to display his collection for the world to see. He is also planning to grow his collection to about 50,000 pins and gather more pins from the Indian Army, Navy and NASA.

Arvind Sinha – Enters Guinness Book Of World Records For Lapel Pin Collection

Lapel pin collecting has been a huge past time for many.  Anyone who has ever been to Disney understands the pin collecting craze!  There are many other clubs and organziations that trade lapel pins as well.  Then there are some people that just want a pin for anything that they can!  Arvind Sinha joined the Lion’s Club, who has a strong lapel pin trading system.  Now with over 30,000 in Sinha’s collection, he has now entered the Guinness Book of World Records.


You can’t pin down this Guinness Book record holder

Meet Arvind Sinha, the Guinness World Record holder for collecting over 30000 lapel pins from across the world. The 57-year-old business consultant believes that lapel pins serve as important historical markers and has plans to open an online museum to


Lapel pins have been historical markers through different time periods, and Sinha is now planning to possibly open a lapel pin museum.  Pretty cool, right?

Mitt and Marco: Lapel Pins Hottest Selling Items

It seems as though the Mitt Lapel Pins were a hit!  According to the article the fastest selling items at the recent Florida Republican Party Meeting was a pair of lapel pins.  Obviously low priced, high perceived value and can be used over and over again to show their public support of a candidate.

Mitt Romney 2012 Lapel Pins

Mitt and Marco: Picturing the ticket

“By BILL COTTERELL | Florida Voices The fastest-selling trinkets at the recent Republican Party of Florida meeting in Tampa were a pair of lapel pins — $2 for the little one, $5 for the bigger — bearing the smiling faces of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.”


Years ago, campaign button were the hot item, however lapel pins are much classier and at almost the same cost, they are not as “in your face” and shows your support in a classy way.  Also campaign buttons would often tear up a shirt with two holes, rather than the single hole (or with the use of magnets) no hole at all!  Very interesting for the lapel pin community!

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Class of 2012, Wear Commemorative Lapel Pins

The Seniors of Rose-Hulman Institute created and wore a lapel pin at their graduation.  What better to show respect for the Late President of the College.  Memorial pins have become more and more common lately.  It is a nice way to show


Seniors Honor Late President, Wearing Commemorative Lapel Pins

"Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's Class of 2012 honored the memory of Matt Branam during this year's commencement ceremony by wearing special pins …www.rose-hulman.edu/…/seniors-honor-late-president.aspx"

The Pin says, Make It Happen, Make It Fun.  I would have to assume that he was a very interesting and dynamic president that truly made an impression on his students.


Ex-ABC News Head and official NUT – Westin Defends Ban on American Flag Pins Even in 9/11 Aftermath

Ok go ahead and read this article.  I know that it got me raving mad!  This guy is was the former ABC News President, and he believes that by a journalist wearing a flag pin or lapel pin of any kind, means that they have taken a “position”.


Ex-ABC News Head Westin Defends Ban on American Flag Pins Even in 9/11 Aftermath

“Westin: (Video at bottom) And we’d long had a policy at ABC News that we wouldn’t let people wear any lapel pins of any sort, the theory being that when you’re reporting the news, you should be reporting the news, not taking a position.”


And what ‘position’ is wearing a flag lapel pin taking? That you’re an American or that you love and appreciate the freedom and liberty that America was founded on? Can’t have that, can we? Let’s get rid of last names too, they certainly reveal a ‘position’ and we don’t want that getting in the way of the media’s well-known ‘blank-slate’ objectivism.  I guess we have to be fair to the terrorists watching the news from their cave.  I mean we would not want to give them the wrong idea that our journalists are not impartial towards them!

Tom Carelli, the NBA’s Senior Vice President of Broadcasting Supports Autism Research

Tom Carelli, the NBA’s Senior Vice President of Broadcasting has a daughter named Natalie that was diagnosed with Autism when she was two.  He discusses the high and lows with Autism.  It is difficult being a parent of a child with Autism, although rewarding there are definitely some difficult times.


Carelli embraces highs, lows of parenting autistic child

The numbers are staggering and heart wrenching. One in 88 American children have some form of autism spectrum disorder, a 78 percent increase compared to 10 years ago according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The breakdown: One in every 54 boys and one in 252 girls are autistic with the total number of children in the U.S. reaching 1 million

This month is Autism awareness month, so many people are wearing the Autism Awareness Pin.  The Autism Awareness Ribbon Pins are usually one of two different designs.  One is the like the ribbon shown here.


The next  is just one puzzle piece.  You could add in any text if you wanted to make it for a specific organization.

The purpose of either pin is to bring awareness to Autism.  It is nice to read stories of people that support the cause, by wearing their Autism Awareness Pin.