Lapel Pins Made The List Of Looking Good For The Prom

Hey listen, as a long lover of lapel pins, I was stoked to hear that lapel pins made the list of the one of the things that could make you look better for prom.  I just was not sure that 17 and 18 year olds would know what a lapel pin was, or where to find one!

Here this is the original article:

10 tips for a polished prom look

1Make it your own. Use your tuxedo rental as a base and build from there, adding your own shoes and accessories.

2Add special touches. Lapel pins, pocket squares and watches elevate a dressed-down look and perfect a formal look.

Ok, and it made the list at #2! How awesome!  So the real question is that the lapel pin is suppose to make the young chap look more polished!  Well, I guess that all depends on the pin that he chooses 🙂

Well enough news for now, we will see each other tomorrow.

Queens Jubilee Lapel Pins Made In China – And Some Are Shocked

Globe Awards and Promotions, a company of fewer than 15 workers in Ottawa, had received the bid for the Queen’s Jubilee Pins.  So they subcontract the work to China and have the lapel pins created overseas.  It seems based on the tone of the article that people were surprised that this was the case.

Now, I know this is Canada, but in the United State, most companies cannot afford to produce quantities of 300,000 pins in a short period of time.  The government says that they want to bring jobs back to the United States, however, after all of the regulation, taxes and surcharges that have to be paid, how are they going to remain competitive?  The article talks about that Globe Awards and Promotions was the lowest bidder.  If everyone wanted the pins produced in Canada, then I am sure that would be included in the bid.  They were simply trying to be the lowest bidder and get the bid, as any business would do.

You can read the full article here:

Queen’s jubilee pins being made in China
Edmonton Journal, on Sat, 10 Mar 2012 01:07:44 -0800

Lapel pins created to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and handed out by the federal government are made in China. The approximately 300000 pins, specially made to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne, were contracted out to a small Ottawa

Next time the government want to create lapel pins or any items for that matter, they should specify where they want it made, and if they want it made in Country, then they should expect to pay a lot more then they want.

That is just my two cents!

Local Government Uses Lapel Pins As A Big Part Of Their Marketing Campaign On Tourism

When a visitor comes to the Town of Appomattox, and they bring an ad, they will now receive a lapel pin.  This is the way that the local town government figured they could track how their marketing campaign was going.  They figured they could track their “conversions” by having visitors bring an ad that they found and turn in the clipped ad for a lapel pin.  The lapel pins are low cost – high perceived value, promotional items, that now allow them to track offline conversions by giving them a “gift”.

Read the original story here:

Town embraces incentive program to track tourists

Chatham Star Tribune, on Wed, 21 Mar 2012 09:40:50 -0700

This year visitors who go to designated visitors centers or State Park offices and show one of the ads featuring Appomattox paid through a marketing campaign will receive a stacked arms lapel pin. This marketing effort is a new way to keep track of how

How could you incorporate a lapel pin into marketing plan?

Obama In The News For Lapel Pins Again – This Time Using Them For His Advantage

It is funny how things come full circle.  President Obama, once criticized for not wearing a lapel pin of the American Flag has now come full circle and he (or at least his campaign) is using lapel pins to capitalize on a marketing plan to push the Obama campaign further.  Let’s face it, it is always fun to listen to what is going to come out of Vice-President Biden’s mouth next, and I guess the campaign feels the same way!  This article discusses how the campaign is creating Tee Shirts, Lapel Pins, Tie Tacks and other promotional items to capitalize on Biden’s bumbles.

You can read the story here, and please leave your thoughts!

Obama campaign capitalizes on foul-mouthed Biden with profane t-shirts – Hot Air Obama campaign capitalizes on foul-mouthed Biden with profane t-shirtsHot AirThe image quickly became an icon that appeared on t-shirts, lapel pins, and tie tacks. Meant to symbolize the candidate’s everyman quality, the hole-in-the-shoe was a scam, …

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