92-Year-Old Awarded Snow Angel Lapel Pin

The Edmonton City Snow Angel Lapel Pin is awarded to good Samaritans who help fellow senior residents shovel their snow. Edmonton has a lot of serious snow storms every winter and shoveling the walkways and driveways is no easy feet for anyone, let alone seniors. The Edmonton City Council awards the snow angel lapel pin to residents who clear the way for seniors or the handicapped. The latest awardee is not only a snow angle, he is also 91 years old!

Andrew Nykilchuk is a beloved figure in his Edmonton neighborhood.

“I keep telling him he makes us look bad because he’s a senior and we’re the ones that are supposed to be doing this for him,” says a laughing Jessica Houle, one of the neighbours who nominated him.

“He tries to get out there first thing in the morning before we have a chance to get to it, or, if he knows that we run out the door in the morning and we don’t necessarily have time to do it right away, he’ll get it done during the day before we get back from work.”

We don’t think there is worthier recipient of a snow angle lapel pin.

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