Lapel Pin May Be Behind Disappearance of Kim Jong-un’s Wife

Kim Jong-un’s young wife, Ri Sol Ju, was only revealed to the world in July, and the 23-year-old former singer is believed to have married Kim in secret earlier this year. However, South Korean media is full of reports that Ri is missing — prompting much speculation about her fate.

Seoul Daily reports that Ri hasn’t been seen in public for a month and NK News says that their own media monitoring reveals she hasn’t made any public appearances for 40 days.

While the Daily NK, a newspaper run from the South that is hostile to the North Korean government, reports that rumors in the country suggest Ri may be pregnant, more nefarious suggestions are also doing the rounds. cites other reports that suggest Ri may have “received a ban from public appearances for her failure to wear badges of the country’s former leaders on previous public occasions”.

The latest twist in Kim’s love life comes just weeks after reports the North Korean elite was trying to erase his wife’s pop star past.



George Washington Lapel Pins – Made in China? A Letter


I recently received a letter from Mount Vernon Estate, Museum and Gardens with an enclosed lapel pin. The letter stated: “It’s his (George Washington’s) character and integrity … that has led me (Susan Magill, Vice President for Advancement) to call this pin ‘The Leadership Pin.’ Of all the virtues we can attribute to George Washington, his leadership is foremost.”

 That is why I was so surprised and greatly disappointed that the envelope that contained the Leadership Pin has a “Made in China” sticker affixed to it. One of the ways George Washington demonstrated his leadership for our new nation was to insist on wearing American-made clothing for his first inauguration in spite of the difficulty and expense of obtaining such clothing.


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US Olympic Team Uniforms & Lapel Pins Are Made In China

As more and more American companies are outsourcing theor production to China, it is disheartening to learn that the new olympic uniforms and lapel pins for are made in China. The following article claims that it is not as bad as it sounds. Even though the actual production is in China, the brains and engineering are in the USA. What’s more, the Russian Olympic team will wear Nike Shoes, located in Oregon, US.


Clothing issue misses point on US Olympic team

“Among my proudest keepsakes is an official Fort Worth Star-Telegram Olympic pin, commissioned specially for the 2004 Athens Games. Pins are the time-honored currency at an Olympics. A flashy pin — ours had five steers romping across the front in the …”