Romney, Obama Lapel Pins a Hot Holiday Item

The 2012 election season is over, thankfully, but the paraphernalia is still there for the masses. Even after Mr. Romney’s loss in November, vendors are still selling lapel pins supporting the republican candidate.

This holiday season, many people will offer these campaign lapel pins and promotional items to supporters of either candidate. While the race is over, the lapel pin wars may continue for a little while.


Poll Workers Wear Lapel Pin Designed by Student


The Indian River County election supervisor holds a lapel pin contest on every election cycle. The Florida county has poll workers wear the lapel  pins at county polling stations. The contest is held among all middle school students in the area.

The students submit their design and the winner has their artwork made into a lapel pin. From the many submissions this past election cycle, Katleyn Wahl’s design won the contest and her artwork was then made into a pin which poll workers wore on November 6th. 


NY High School Senior Designs 9/11 Tribute Lapel Pin

Katherine Curran put her artistic abilities to use in a tribute to fallen heroes.

The Islip High School senior has designed a commemorative lapel pin as a tribute to the 343 New York City firefighters who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001. She made the pins at the request of Michael Fitall, a family friend and a lieutenant in FDNY Ladder Company 143.

Curran’s creation features three United States flags, the Twin Towers, and the number 343 — along with the fateful date and the slogan: “Never Forget.”

“I would like this tribute to reflect not only the memory of that day, but also the 343 flags that honor all of the firefighters at every St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Fitall said.

Curran designed the image in watercolors, school officials said, and received her own copy of the pin and a personal thank-you letter from FDNY Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano. Her father, Thomas, an FDNY lieutenant at the time, was not harmed in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Outside of school, Curran has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and volunteers doing seasonal craft projects with children at the South Shore Community Organization, an Islip youth agency that offers tutoring, community service and employment programs.


Quebec Premier Criticized Over Tribute Lapel Pin

The complaints Veterans have been making about Premier Pauline Marois have had an effect; On Friday she announced she will remove a fleur-de-lis pin she had been using to keep her poppy in place.

The Quebec premier has been wearing the tribute to soldiers this week, keeping it attached to her lapel with a small white fleur-de-lis pin, an accessory she was photographed wearing in the week leading up to June 24, the Fete Nationale du Quebec.

However some veterans who have seen photos and video of Marois wearing the poppy and pin said it is offensive, telling CTV reporter Camille Ross they fought for Canada, not just for one province.

A spokesperson told the Canadian Press that Marois was not trying to offend anyone, and she will remove the fleur de lis.

The provincial president of the Royal Canadian Legion, Margot Arsenault, said nothing should be used to keep a poppy attached except the pin it comes with.

“The poppy is the Royal Canadian Legion symbol and nothing is to be worn inside like a pin — whether it’s the Canadian flag or anything. We’re not supposed to,” Arsenault said.

The poppies are notorious for falling out, and Canadians often resort to something else to keep them attached. It is not uncommon to see people resorting to Canada flag lapel pins.

Arsenault said she sent a letter to the premier after receiving 30 complaints in one day about the fleur de lis pin.

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Lapel Pin May Be Behind Disappearance of Kim Jong-un’s Wife

Kim Jong-un’s young wife, Ri Sol Ju, was only revealed to the world in July, and the 23-year-old former singer is believed to have married Kim in secret earlier this year. However, South Korean media is full of reports that Ri is missing — prompting much speculation about her fate.

Seoul Daily reports that Ri hasn’t been seen in public for a month and NK News says that their own media monitoring reveals she hasn’t made any public appearances for 40 days.

While the Daily NK, a newspaper run from the South that is hostile to the North Korean government, reports that rumors in the country suggest Ri may be pregnant, more nefarious suggestions are also doing the rounds. cites other reports that suggest Ri may have “received a ban from public appearances for her failure to wear badges of the country’s former leaders on previous public occasions”.

The latest twist in Kim’s love life comes just weeks after reports the North Korean elite was trying to erase his wife’s pop star past.



Australian MP Faces Ejection over Lapel Pin

IN the NSW Upper House, five millimetres makes all the difference.

If your lapel pin is wider than the prescribed 20 millimetre limit, you could be ruled out of order for breaching dress standards.

Do that three times, and the president of the Upper House could eject you from the chamber.

But this did not worry Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, who wore a 25 millimetre wide Aboriginal flag pin back into the chamber on Wednesday, only a day after he expressed fears he could find himself expelled for breaching the parliamentary dress code.

“To be thrown out … because of a pin the size of a thumb nail … what planet are we on?” Mr Buckingham told AAP.

Government Whip Peter Phelps had on Tuesday called Mr Buckingham on a point of order for wearing the oversized badge, and Mr Buckingham expected a repeat the following day.


Oldest Living Mason Awarded Lapel Pin

The pins Gus Kontras proudly wears on the lapel of his blue sport coat help tell his story — a story that is the American Dream.

The large gold lapel pin is new and designates the 99-year-old Kontras as Nebraska’s oldest living Master Mason. Kontras received the Gold Jordan Medal at a ceremony in July, an honor that he says “means a whole lot and is very sincere.”

He has been an active member of Lincoln Masonic Lodge 19 since he moved to the city in 1936. He has been the eldest member of this lodge since 2002 and also wears the Brown Jordon medal indicating this honor.

For a new businessman arriving in Lincoln 76 years ago, he found the Masons offered an opportunity for him to meet people and to serve his community.

“I was brought up to do more,” Kontras said, noting that he was attracted to the values of the Masons that include “to always be upright and to treat all my fellow members in a positive way.”

Local Government Uses Lapel Pins As A Big Part Of Their Marketing Campaign On Tourism

When a visitor comes to the Town of Appomattox, and they bring an ad, they will now receive a lapel pin.  This is the way that the local town government figured they could track how their marketing campaign was going.  They figured they could track their “conversions” by having visitors bring an ad that they found and turn in the clipped ad for a lapel pin.  The lapel pins are low cost – high perceived value, promotional items, that now allow them to track offline conversions by giving them a “gift”.

Read the original story here:

Town embraces incentive program to track tourists

Chatham Star Tribune, on Wed, 21 Mar 2012 09:40:50 -0700

This year visitors who go to designated visitors centers or State Park offices and show one of the ads featuring Appomattox paid through a marketing campaign will receive a stacked arms lapel pin. This marketing effort is a new way to keep track of how

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