Olympic Pin Collection Champion: Video


ABC News traveled to London to cover the 2012 Olympic games. They discovered, though, a sport within the sports: Olympic pin collecting. Tents erected especially for pin trading, these hubs gather pin collecting enthusiasts from around the world. Two former Olympic medal winners were pinned against each other to see who can trade and collect the best pins in the house.


Apple Unveils 2012 Olympic Lapel Pins

With the 2012 Olympic underway in London, many large companies are unveiling their commemorative lapel pins. Apple, possibly the richest corporation worldwide, revealed their 2012 Olympic Lapel Pins. With the popularity of lapel pins in gerneral, and the hot item Apple always is, these pins are sure to garner interest in the lapel pin community.


Apple Takes A Bite Out Of The Olympic Brand

“The company has produced a series of four lapel pins commemorating the London Olympics, displaying the Union Jack flag in place of the screen of both black and white iPhones and iPads. Apple did a similar promo during the Vancouver Games, distributing …Forbes”


Top 12 Olympic Pins of All Time

 Olympic pins are an integral part of past and present Olympic games. This list is a collection of the top 12 Olympic pins of all time.

(ATR) Olympics connoisseur Everen Brown will attend his 12th Games this summer in search of his next prized souvenir.

As Olympic organizing committees scrutinize potential licensees, someone has got to be asking these questions: Will anyone really buy this stuff? And what makes a great Olympic souvenir? Once you see my list below, you might think that “someone” forgot to answer these pressing questions.

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