Quebec Premier Criticized Over Tribute Lapel Pin

The complaints Veterans have been making about Premier Pauline Marois have had an effect; On Friday she announced she will remove a fleur-de-lis pin she had been using to keep her poppy in place.

The Quebec premier has been wearing the tribute to soldiers this week, keeping it attached to her lapel with a small white fleur-de-lis pin, an accessory she was photographed wearing in the week leading up to June 24, the Fete Nationale du Quebec.

However some veterans who have seen photos and video of Marois wearing the poppy and pin said it is offensive, telling CTV reporter Camille Ross they fought for Canada, not just for one province.

A spokesperson told the Canadian Press that Marois was not trying to offend anyone, and she will remove the fleur de lis.

The provincial president of the Royal Canadian Legion, Margot Arsenault, said nothing should be used to keep a poppy attached except the pin it comes with.

“The poppy is the Royal Canadian Legion symbol and nothing is to be worn inside like a pin — whether it’s the Canadian flag or anything. We’re not supposed to,” Arsenault said.

The poppies are notorious for falling out, and Canadians often resort to something else to keep them attached. It is not uncommon to see people resorting to Canada flag lapel pins.

Arsenault said she sent a letter to the premier after receiving 30 complaints in one day about the fleur de lis pin.

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